Fifth Tranche of the Blockstream Mining Note Available from Monday, Oct. 18
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Fifth Tranche of the Blockstream Mining Note Available from Monday, Oct. 18

Jesse Knutson

Tranche five will be available to investors on STOKR, Monday, October 18, 2021 (10.00 AM CET).

Tranche five will total €2.6M (~ $3M USD) and each BMN1 will be offered at €260,000 (~ $302,000 USD).

Tranche four was again significantly oversubscribed and was fully allocated in less than fifteen minutes.

Given the strong demand demonstrated in tranches three and four, tranche five will again be capped at one BMN1 per investor. Going forward, we offer both capped and uncapped tranches.

Investors that already hold >= 1 BMN can participate in this tranche in units as small as 0.01 BMN via the BMN investment page. Investors that hold <= 1 BMN can participate in this tranche if their investment in tranche five will bring their total position to >= 1 BMN.

Tranche five will be fungible with previous BMN1 tranches and will bring the total issuance of BMNs to €16.6M (~ $19.3M USD).

The Blockstream Mining Note

The BMN provides qualifying investors exposure to Bitcoin mining through a security token issued on the Liquid Network. Each BMN1 entitles investors to up to 2,000 TH/s of Bitcoin mined at our enterprise-grade mining facilities.

Since the launch of the first BMN1 tranche on April 7, 2021, the BMN has raised a total of almost €14M ($16.3M) with more than 60 BMN1 issued to a diverse range of corporate and individual investors.

In the 101 days since mining began, each BMN has averaged 0.01577 BTC per day for a total of 1.59 BTC. Mining progress can be tracked here.

Coming Soon to Bitfinex Securities

We are very excited to see the launch of Bitfinex Securities Ltd, a regulated new security token (STO) exchange, and are pleased to report that the BMN is on track to list on Bitfinex Securities mid-Q4 2021, making it one of the first assets listed on the platform. The Bitfinex tranche and listing are proceeding on schedule and we look forward to executing this tranche in the coming weeks.

Get Familiar with the Fifth Tranche on STOKR

The BMN is available to non-US, qualifying investors. To learn more about the fifth tranche, please visit STOKR.

In order to participate in the primary issuances via STOKR, investors must first complete the KYC process on their site. After completion, please reach out to us on the Blockstream Finance Telegram, and we can ensure you have been successfully added to the BMN1 whitelist.

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