Blockstream and Macquarie to Form Carbon Neutral Bitcoin Mining Partnership
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Blockstream and Macquarie to Form Carbon Neutral Bitcoin Mining Partnership

Adam Back, Jesse Knutson

Bringing together Blockstream’s market-leading Bitcoin technology and Macquarie Group’s (Macquarie) expertise in financial, energy and commodities markets and green infrastructure, Blockstream is pleased to announce a new partnership with Macquarie to pilot a Bitcoin mining facility and explore carbon neutral alternatives for such facilities.

Focused on the further development of best-in-class mining facilities, this initiative builds on Blockstream’s previously announced collaborations with Aker and Square to establish renewable-powered facilities.

The first pilot project with Macquarie will utilize Blockstream’s enterprise-grade mining facilities and expertise in mining hardware hosting. Macquarie will invest in the facility while utilizing its deep expertise in energy to explore opportunities to provide renewable energy to power the mining process. The collaboration is expected to scale beyond pilot as new power resources are developed.

As one of the largest Bitcoin miners in North America, with a vision to scale this initiative to new sites as green power infrastructure is developed, Blockstream is excited about the potential this collaboration with Macquarie offers.

Macquarie is one of the world’s leading investors in renewable energy infrastructure, with 44 gigawatts of generation under development, construction or operation as at 31 March 2021.

“Macquarie’s experience and scale in traditional infrastructure investment, as well as commodity and energy markets, and Blockstream’s position as a leading Bitcoin miner and provider of Bitcoin-based technology solutions offers terrific potential.“
Blockstream CEO, Dr Adam Back

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