Learn Self-Custody and Coin Control
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Learn Self-Custody and Coin Control

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Here's what you may have missed over the past four weeks:

  • We dive into the Blockstream Jade hardware wallet's technical aspects and its unique FOSS design and security approach.
  • Blockstream Research publishes a new paper introducing ROAST, a wrapper that helps scale federations and guarantee reliable peg-outs in the presence of disruptive signers.
  • Explore self-custody, coin control, and how to secure your bitcoin and Liquid assets in Blockstream Green.
  • Learn the basics of Liquid, like how to choose and create a wallet, run your own node, peg-in and out of the network, and issue assets.
  • Read the latest issue of Layer-2 Roundup, a monthly summation of Bitcoin's second layer protocols, Lightning and Liquid.
  • Blockstream Talk podcast kicks off its second season by welcoming back Blockstream CEO Dr. Adam Back to discuss Terra Luna, DeFi, and what went so wrong.

Blockstream Jade Tech Overview, Part 1

Jade is Blockstream's take on hardware wallets and is unique in its approach of using inexpensive commonplace hardware, developer-friendly FOSS firmware, and open-source infrastructure to separate security-related components.

In the first of a multi-part blog series, we jump straight into the lower-level mechanisms that protect your bitcoin and Liquid assets.


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Users can now receive an extra 15% off Blockstream Jade hardware wallet(s) by purchasing a B-JDE coupon token on SideSwap and redeeming it on the Blockstream store.

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ROAST: Robust Asynchronous Schnorr Threshold Signatures

Tim Ruffing and Elliott Jin from the Blockstream Research team, alongside researchers from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security, propose ROAST—a simple wrapper for Schnorr threshold signature scheme FROST, which would help scale layer-2 protocols like Liquid that use a federated consensus model.


Blockstream Green: Self-Custody

It may be tempting to delegate securing private keys (and therefore your funds) to a third party, such as an exchange or custodian, out of fear of mishandling it yourself. Rest assured — it’s never been easier to hold your own Bitcoin keys with Blockstream Green’s Multisig Shield.

Download Blockstream Green and follow along as we set up a Bitcoin and Liquid wallet, explore different security models, and learn how to keep our recovery phrase safe.


Blockstream Green: Coin Control

We recently added a highly-requested feature to Blockstream Green called coin control. Learn how to create a Bitcoin wallet and leverage coin control to improve your financial privacy while keeping your funds secure with Green's Multisig Shield.


Getting Started with the Liquid Network

Learn the ins and outs of Liquid: choosing a wallet, running your own node, transferring bitcoin to the sidechain and unlocking Liquid BTC (L-BTC), and issuing assets.


Layer-2 Roundup: Latest in Lightning and Liquid

A monthly summation of Bitcoin’s second layer, spanning new innovations and projects to protocol updates and discussions happening within the space.

In this month’s issue, we cover the new Liquid offerings from Specter, Umbrel, and SideSwap, review the latest releases from CLN and LND, detail Coin Corner’s new contactless Lightning-powered debit card, and dive into a consequential new research paper from Blockstream.

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Blockstream Talk #13: Luna Lessons with Dr. Adam Back

We're back for season two of Blockstream Talk and kick things off by sitting down with Blockstream CEO Dr. Adam Back to discuss what went wrong with Terra Luna, the risk of platform contagion from such projects, and what makes a stablecoin resilient.


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