Eric Sirion Talks Federated E-Cash
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Eric Sirion Talks Federated E-Cash

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  • Blockstream Research shares its progress on BIP 340, a formal specification for non-interactive half-aggregation of Schnorr signatures.
  • Two audio-only bonus Blockstream Talk episodes were released. We first sit down with Lawrence Nahum, Blockstream's Chief Architect, to learn more about bitcoin wallet development and what makes the Jade hardware wallet so unique.
  • Later, Blockstream Research engineer Eric Sirion joins us to discuss his work on Fedimint and e-cash.
  • We explore the next iteration of 'LiFi' with Fuji.Money, taking a closer look at its approach to lending and synthetic assets on the Liquid Network.
  • In our latest Deciphered video, we walk you through how to self-custody bitcoin and Liquid assets offline using Jade.

Half-Aggregation of BIP 340 Signatures

Blockstream Research shares its progress on the aggregation of signatures based on curve secp256k1, including an early draft BIP for non-interactive half-aggregation of BIP 340 Schnorr signatures. Half-aggregation signatures have a variety of potential upsides, such as cutting down on the size of mainchain transactions and reducing the bandwidth requirement of off-chain networks.

BIP 340 draft proposal

Blockstream Talk: Bitcoin Wallet Technology

In our first of two audio-only bonus episodes of Blockstream Talk, we have a conversation with Lawrence Nahum, Blockstream's Chief Architect. We discuss Bitcoin wallet development, different hardware wallets, and the trade-offs of using secure elements, among other wallet-related topics.


Blockstream Talk: Federated Security Models & E-Cash

We welcome Eric Sirion, Blockstream Research Engineer, to the podcast, where we discuss his work on Fedimint and federated security models, as well as the history of Chaumian e-cash and how Lightning is being integrated into federations.


Layer-2 Roundup: Fuji.Money

This month's issue covers Fuji, a Lightning-enabled synthetic asset protocol built on Liquid that lets users borrow stablecoins and synthetic assets and trade them trustlessly peer-to-peer. By diving into Fuji's protocol, we can understand a little more about its risk management and investment strategy before its closed beta goes live on August 1.


Blockstream Jade: Self-Custody Offline

Avoid third-party risk by learning how to self-custody your Bitcoin offline with the Blockstream Jade hardware wallet. In the third installment of Deciphered, we walk you through how to set up a Jade and explore some of its more advanced features, like passphrases.

You can now receive an extra 15% off a Jade by purchasing a B-JDE coupon token on SideSwap and redeeming it on the Blockstream store.

SideSwap token market

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