Blockstream Local: Meetup Support and Grassroots Bitcoin Education

Blockstream Local: Meetup Support and Grassroots Bitcoin Education

Chase Smith, Jesse Jaco

Grassroots outreach and action, especially through local Bitcoin meetups, have been instrumental in transforming Bitcoin from a niche technology into a permanent fixture in finance. 

Bitcoin's narrative is not shaped, for example, by an official marketing department or spokesperson, but by the persistent efforts of everyday people like you. This is why we are launching Blockstream Local, an initiative designed to empower communities with the necessary tools and support to carry forward the legacy of grassroots Bitcoin education.

By joining Blockstream Local, your meetup will receive curated education resources, early access to new Blockstream products, and the ability to create a revenue stream, all of which can significantly amplify impact in your local community.

Empowering Bitcoin Meetups

One of the first-ever public Bitcoin meetups occurred in Zurich, Switzerland, in 2011, more than 13 years ago. Since then, thousands of similar meetups have sprung up and grown into a global phenomenon, each playing a role in supporting, educating, and connecting people who share Satoshi's vision.

These meetups are not just about networking; they are about learning. It is through these informal gatherings that most people gain hands-on experience and delve into technical topics like self-custody and node operation. They are also the birthplace of the Bitcoin circular economy, making the health and continued growth of meetup groups around the world a key part of our mission.

The strategy behind Blockstream Local is, therefore, threefold:

Educational Workshops: First, we aim to provide free, comprehensive instructional content, making it easy for individuals to understand and engage with Bitcoin and its advanced features. The first workshop, available from today, will cover the Liquid Network and how to stack sats in a sustained high-fee market. More topics will follow, including those focused on Lightning, Blockstream Jade, and Satellite.

Member Exclusives: Second, we offer members early access to new Blockstream products and discounts on existing merchandise, such as Jade hardware wallets and Blockstream Satellite kits. This direct channel to Blockstream will spur engagement and keep your community on the cutting edge of Bitcoin innovation.

Sustainable Meetups: Third, we are expanding our Affiliate and Reseller programs to include Bitcoin meetup groups and communities. This creates a sustainable financial model for meetups so you can expand outreach and host more dynamic meetups. As a Blockstream Jade reseller, for instance, you can purchase Jades at a discount price directly from Blockstream and then resell them to meetup attendees in person, establishing a steady revenue stream that can then be funneled back into activities and local initiatives. 

Sign Up and Next Steps

As mentioned, the first Blockstream Local workshop will cover the basics of Liquid and provide a walk-through on how to use Lightning and Liquid to stack sats cheaply in high-fee markets. For the second half of the workshop, meetups will require a small amount of LBTC, which we will provide.

Here is the complete list of steps from registering to completing your meetup's first Blockstream Local workshop:

  1. Register: Sign up your Bitcoin meetup on the Blockstream Local site.

  2. Prepare Workshop: Blockstream will email you the inaugural Blockstream Local education pack. Once received, plan a session dedicated to exploring Liquid with the materials provided.

  3. Promote Event: Announce your session on X and/or Nostr, including the date, time, and location.

  4. Request Liquid Bitcoin: In your announcement post, tag @Blockstream (see list of verified social accounts) and share a Liquid address to receive LBTC—this ensures meetups are held accountable to their members.

  5. (Optional) Follow-Up: After the workshop, feel free to tag @Blockstream with photos or a play-by-play from the session, and we can retweet, giving your meetup more exposure.

  6. Feedback and Next Workshop: Please provide constructive feedback so we can iterate and improve. If there is none, stand by for the materials for the next workshop and other announcements, such as promotions and exclusives. We will reach out via email.

We are excited to see where Blockstream Local will lead and are committed to supporting grassroots Bitcoin initiatives, which have been such a fundamental part of Bitcoin's success story. Together, let's forge ahead, strengthening our local meetups and the global network of Bitcoiners. 

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