The Blockstream Mining Note (BMN) Is Now Listed on MERJ Exchange
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The Blockstream Mining Note (BMN) Is Now Listed on MERJ Exchange

Blockstream Team

The first series of the Blockstream Mining Note (BMN1) is now available to investors worldwide (initially excluding the US) on MERJ Exchange, a global digital stock exchange. Digital Markets (DIGTL) is providing investor onboarding and trading technology services.

As part of our continued commitment to making our financial products more accessible to retail investors, the BMN1 is also now tradeable at its lowest price increment to date. Investors on MERJ Exchange will be able to trade the BMN1 in denominations of 0.00001, the equivalent of €2.70 (~$3.00) based on the most recent offering price.

Through a combination of MERJ’s regulatory status and internationally recognized listing standards, BMN1 on MERJ will carry the status of a listed security and be open to all classes of investors. This is in contrast to other digital trading venues, which are restricted to accredited or professional investors.

Understanding the Blockstream Mining Note

The BMN is an EU-compliant security token issued on the Liquid Network that offers investors exposure to Bitcoin hashrate over a 36-month period. Each BMN entitles investors to up to 2,000 TH/s of Bitcoin mined at our enterprise-grade mining facilities.

In the 279 days since mining began, each BMN has averaged 0.012 BTC per day for a total of more than 3.5 BTC per BMN.

You can track the mining process and other metrics, including a web calculator for comparing the BMN with hosting packages on our dashboard.

Greater Access and Liquidity

MERJ operates a unique set of digital market infrastructure that supports equal access for direct investors and institutions. The global democratized access to BMN1 should lead to enhanced liquidity and better price discovery for new and existing investors.

Through eight primary offerings to date, the BMN1 has raised approximately €40 million (~$46 million) from qualified investors. BMN from these past offerings are fully fungible and supported on the platform, giving current holders access to a new pool of liquidity.

Leveraging the Liquid Network and Layer-2 Technology

DIGTL, the investor onboarding and trading technology provider, integrated the Liquid Network and recently became a Liquid Federation member. Going forward, DIGTL will work closely with STOKR to support new and current BMN investors with the technology integration required to trade BMN1.

Unlike traditional Bitcoin mining investments, the BMN allows investors to more easily adjust their exposure by trading their tokens on a secondary market like MERJ.

Investors will eventually be able to withdraw their BMN tokens, subject to the KYC and whitelisting requirements of STOKR. Note that only Liquid wallets that support Blockstream AMP, such as Blockstream Green and hardware wallet Blockstream Jade, will permit self-custody of the BMN.

By combining the Liquid Network’s ability to issue secure and native assets, MERJ’s real-time settlement and clearing, and DIGTL’s intuitive trading platform, investors can access a global digital security marketplace to trade their BMN1.

How To Get Started

If you are interested in becoming a BMN investor and trading on MERJ, we first recommend reviewing the listing documents on STOKR. After reviewing the investment documentation, select the ‘updates’ tab to see the latest announcements.

From there, underneath the top post, you can select 'Trade' to start the MERJ account creation process, which includes KYC and funding of your account. Or, go to to start trading.

Current BMN holders who have already registered with STOKR and have a whitelisted AMP ID, will receive an email in the coming days from our team detailing the process to create accounts on MERJ and deposit their BMN for trading.

For further questions and guidance, investors can join us on the Blockstream Finance Telegram. For questions concerning MERJ account status email and for funding and withdrawals email Digital Markets (DIGTL) is also acting as the listing advisor.

This article has been prepared solely for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy these securities, nor shall there be any sale of these securities in any state or jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation, or sale would be unlawful prior to any exemption or registration under the securities laws of any such state or jurisdiction.
We will never reach out directly to investors through social media or instant messaging. If you receive any messages from someone claiming to be from Blockstream and offering mining investments, report them to us through the Blockstream Scam DB.

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