Blockstream Talk: Rusty Russell Discusses BOLT12, New CLN Plugins
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Blockstream Talk: Rusty Russell Discusses BOLT12, New CLN Plugins

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Blockstream Monthly is a newsletter helping you stay up-to-date on the most cutting-edge Bitcoin development and announcements from Blockstream. In this issue, we cover the following stories:

  • The latest episodes of Blockstream Talk include lessons learned from the FTX meltdown with Blockstream CEO Dr. Adam Back, new features coming to Lightning with Blockstream's Rusty Russell, and the evolution of securities and capital markets with DIGTL's Kyle Fry.
  • We explore some of the most exciting projects being built on Liquid and their teams' development plans for 2023, including Blockstream itself, Bitmatrix, DIGTL, Fuji Money, Raretoshi, SideSwap, STOKR, and Zaprite.
  • In the most recent videos of our Deciphered series, we walk users through the open-source Blockstream Explorer and how to easily get L-BTC using the SideSwap app.
  • On the heels of Jade's camera activation, we announced the new, limited-edition Jade Transparent, now available on the Blockstream Store.

Blockstream Talk

Blockstream Talk is a podcast hosted by Jesse Knutson giving you an inside look at the exciting work we are doing at Blockstream. The podcast is available across all major streaming platforms, including Apple, Simplecast, Spotify, and YouTube.

Blockstream Talk #17 - FTX Lessons

In this episode, we welcome back Blockstream CEO Dr. Adam Back to discuss the FTX and Alameda Research story. He offers his unique perspective on the fallout, key takeaways for users and investors, and how this blowup compares to previous ones.


Blockstream Talk #18 - Lightning Signal

Senior Core Lightning engineer Rusty Russell joins us for the next episode. Rusty is an OG contributor to open-source software and helped transition the Lightning Network from an academic paper to a real-world payment protocol seven years ago when he joined Blockstream. Rusty highlights reasons for growth, the latest BOLT12 developments, and gives a sneak peek into many of the new features and plugins coming to Core Lightning.


Blockstream Talk #19 - Digital Securities Future

In the latest Blockstream Talk episode, Kyle Fry, CEO and Co-Founder at DIGTL Markets, discusses digital securities (also referred to as security tokens) and the new capital markets landscape beginning to take shape. Kyle and his team have been deep in the digital security trenches for years and have built up a network of securities exchanges and alternative trading venues to support digital security trading. Kyle shares his perspective on where they see the digital security industry evolving and why the Liquid Network is the best choice for asset issuers.



Deciphered is a long-form video tutorial series that shares the best practices in Bitcoin. We recently highlighted the free and open-source Blockstream Explorer, which aggregates and indexes public data from the Bitcoin and Liquid blockchains and displays the information more readily. In the video, we guide users on how to read their Bitcoin transactions and explain many of the more technical data stats available in the Explorer, such as virtual size, weight, version, lock time, and more.

Deciphered: Understanding the Block Explorer

In another installment, we give an in-depth overview of the Liquid Network, from its unique features and investment opportunities to learning how Confidential Transactions work and how to bridge to Liquid using the SideSwap app.

Deciphered: Getting Started on Liquid

Liquid Ecosystem Update

This month's Layer-2 Roundup shares some of the most exciting projects being built on Liquid and their teams' plans for 2023. Despite an industry-wide slowdown, Liquid made significant strides in ecosystem growth, primarily driven by the maturity of projects that were in development. In the post, we cover some of these as well as give updates on others, including Blockstream itself, Bitmatrix, DIGTL, Fuji Money, Raretoshi, SideSwap, STOKR, and Zaprite.


Jade Transparent

We recently announced the Jade Transparent, which is identical to the standard Jade but comes in a limited-edition transparent green color. The announcement follows the much-anticipated activation of Jade's camera, allowing users to access their devices and communicate with companion apps solely using QR codes — no USB or Bluetooth required.

As a token of appreciation for your continued support, we are offering a 10% discount code across the Blockstream Store, redeemable with the code PROOFOFKEYS, valid until February 1, 2023.

Jade Transparent on Blockstream Store

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