Lightning Platform Breez to Integrate Greenlight to Build Non-Custodial Lightning Apps

Lightning Platform Breez to Integrate Greenlight to Build Non-Custodial Lightning Apps

Blockstream Team

We are excited to announce a new collaboration with Breez, a popular Lightning platform, to integrate our on-demand node service, Greenlight.

Breez will use Greenlight to further build out its platform offerings, which already include a non-custodial wallet, a point-of-sale app for merchants, and a native podcast player.

By leveraging Greenlight's hosted, non-custodial solution, Breez can concentrate on building tailored solutions for each use case without integrating a dedicated node into each application. All applications can share the same backend node, simplifying management and consolidating funds that would otherwise be split across multiple apps. At the same time, Greenlight will integrate with Breez' LSP, providing its users with state-of-the-art liquidity and connectivity services.

As we continue to develop Greenlight and add new features, privacy measures, and greater accessibility, we are always looking for community partners to test the limits of what’s possible on Lightning. If that interests you, please reach out to us on our Telegram channel.

Empowering Lightning App Developers

When we launched Greenlight in 2021, one of our aims was to empower Lightning app developers by removing the barrier of having to be a node operator. Developers, especially Lightning developers, should be innovating, not spending time monitoring channels or managing liquidity (though there’s a neat tool for that too).

As a Greenlight user, you interact with your remote Core Lightning node spun up in the cloud through a simple interface provided by Blockstream. We handle all the background operations, like setting up watchtowers and encrypted backups, while you enjoy the perks of building (or transacting as a user) on the Lightning Network and keeping full custody of your bitcoin.

Your keys are stored on your devices only and never touch our infrastructure. Whenever a user sends or receives a Lightning payment using Greenlight, whether for a point-of-sale purchase, supporting your favorite podcaster with a donation, or a P2P transfer, the locally held keys authorize the transaction on the remote node.

“For the past three years we've been using the Breez mobile app as a playground to see how people can interact with the Lightning economy. We launched several new services like our point-of-sale and podcast player to become a sort of Lightning swiss army knife. Greenlight allows us to take the next evolutionary step in our quest to build a sovereign and scalable Lightning platform.” — Roy Sheinfeld, Breez CEO

One Node to Rule Them All

Greenlight is powered by the highly modular and extensible open-source implementation, Core Lightning. Its low resource footprint is one of the many advantages that allow us to provision nodes more efficiently and cost-effectively than other providers on the market.

Some of Greenlight’s other advantages include:

  • Secure: Greenlight is 100% non-custodial. While the nodes run on our infrastructure, our operations team never has access to your funds, and transactions are always verified on your device before signing off on them.
  • Low cost: The leanness of Core Lightning and Greenlight's ability to stay offline when not in use keep you from incurring unnecessary costs.
  • One user, one node: Unlike bundling a node with a front-end app, Greenlight allows users to share a single node among many front-ends, saving on on-chain fees and improving fund control.
  • Recovery made easy: Losing your phone in a boating accident will not mean losing your bitcoin. Since we manage the database and the backups, recovering the funds is as simple as initiating a new front-end with your seed phrase.

Level-Up Your Lightning App

Currently, Greenlight is being incrementally rolled out among select Lightning partners, with a wider release planned for the second half of this year. For more information on Greenlight and to learn how to integrate it into your business, email our team.

Be sure to also  follow the official Core Lightning Twitter for the latest Greenlight updates and announcements.

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