Issue and Manage the Full Life-Cycle of Your Liquid Assets with the Blockstream Asset Issuer
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Issue and Manage the Full Life-Cycle of Your Liquid Assets with the Blockstream Asset Issuer

Juan Trivino-Paredes

One of the key features that the Liquid Network offers is the ability to issue assets, enabling you to create digital assets representing financial products like stocks, bonds, promissory notes, or Bitcoin hashrate contracts (BMN). You can also take advantage of this Liquid feature to create fiat or commodity-backed tokens (e.g., stablecoins, gold-backed token), voucher tokens like the Blockstream Jade token (B-JDE), tokenize real-world assets like real estate, and explore use cases for NFTs that can go beyond digital art.

Blockstream’s web-based Asset Issuer enables anyone, regardless of their technical background, to hit the ground running with asset issuance on Liquid. The intuitive UI lets you manage the full life-cycle of your asset, from initial issuance, distribution to investors, reissuance, and burning of tokens at their end of life. Integrating digital assets into your project and turning your ideas into reality is now easier than ever.

New and Improved

The new release of the Blockstream Asset Issuer is the culmination of an extended effort to pack in new features and respond to your feedback. Some of the the highlights include:

  • Support for Marina, an in-browser Liquid wallet, to easily manage Liquid assets while keeping custody of your keys. While users can still issue assets to any Liquid wallet, a connected Marina wallet is currently needed to perform certain actions.
  • Conveniently reissue, distribute and burn assets using your connected Marina wallet.
  • Add an icon to your asset which can be displayed to investors in their Liquid wallet.
  • Import a Liquid asset issued elsewhere to add or update the icon associated with it.
  • And much more, including several performance improvements and updated UI to enhance the user experience.

What’s Next?

We have added a feedback section so you can send us your thoughts and suggestions as you use the tool. Your feedback will be key in guiding the future development of the Asset Issuer tool, but there are a few things we already have lined up. Some of the items in our roadmap include the following:

  • Partnering with the Marina team to improve the information displayed to the user when signing PSETs (Partially Signed Elements Transactions).
  • Improving the distribution flow to display more relevant information.
  • Providing an easy option to get an unblinding link to the block explorer for distributions.
  • Facilitating reuse of existing icons.
  • Bulk actions for certain flows.

Standard Liquid Assets vs AMP Assets

When issuing assets on Liquid, users can choose between two types: standard and AMP. Standard assets are permissionless, so anyone can issue them and there are no restrictions on who can transact with these assets. AMP assets are a special class of Liquid assets that enable auditing and transfer restrictions which are more suited for regulated financial products like digital securities.

The Blockstream Asset Issuer currently does not support AMP assets, but a number of alternatives do exist. Please take a look at the API documentation or explore the solutions that Specter Desktop, DIGTL, STOKR and PEGx provide.

Have Questions? Connect With Us

We hope the community finds the new Asset Issuer helpful as you continue to build on Liquid. We are excited to see what new use cases the tool may foster now that more functionality has been added. After the initial release last year, your feedback was invaluable in helping us improve the Asset Issuer experience, and we look forward to receiving another round of feedback to make the tool even better.

If you have any technical or business-related questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via Blockstream support or by leaving a comment in the thread here.

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