Reveal Confidential Transactions with Blockstream Explorer
Blockstream Explorer

Reveal Confidential Transactions with Blockstream Explorer

Lawrence Nahum

One of the key advantages of transacting on the Liquid Network is its confidentiality. Anyone looking at one of your transactions on a Liquid block explorer is normally unable to identify what assets were sent or how many.

However, sometimes you need to share the details of a transaction with someone. For instance, in the rare case that you encounter a dispute on a P2P Bitcoin lending platform like Lend at Hodl Hodl, you may need to verifiably prove a Tether (USDt) repayment has been sent (or not received!).

Unblind to Blockstream Explorer

With the most recent updates to Blockstream Explorer and Blockstream Green, you can now “unblind” any transaction (reveal the asset type and amount) straight to Blockstream Explorer in a few taps.

This will take you to a special URL that includes the unblinding data required for a third party to verify a transaction’s details. Blockstream Explorer automatically uses this data to reveal the relevant inputs and outputs.

Unblinded Securely In-Browser

All processing of the unblinding data is securely handled client-side on your browser, so you can be sure it’s never shared with Blockstream. Of course, you should always handle any unblinding links with care and only share them when necessary through secure channels.

Even better, you can run your own esplora-based block explorer and share the unblinding data to that instead (esplora is open source and fully private).

More Updates

Today’s update to Blockstream Green also came with a variety of new features and bug fixes, including:

  • Securely encrypted user data, including transaction notes and account labels
  • A new option to customize the 2FA expiry period on Bitcoin wallets
  • New over-the-air Blockstream Jade in-app firmware upgrade (0.1.23) with a number of bug fixes

The update is available for iOS, Android (Google Play), and desktop now, with the FDroid update coming soon!

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