National Securities Market Operator MERJ Exchange and Trading Technology Provider DIGTL to Utilize the Liquid Network
Liquid Network

National Securities Market Operator MERJ Exchange and Trading Technology Provider DIGTL to Utilize the Liquid Network

Samson Mow

Today, the Liquid Network is building new bridges between the traditional finance world of regulated securities and the blockchain technology pioneered by Bitcoin.

As announced today, a new collaboration between the Seychelles Stock Exchange MERJ Exchange (MERJ) and trading technology provider Digital Markets (DIGTL) with the Liquid Network and the Blockstream Asset Management Platform (AMP) will provide issuers globally with the tools and infrastructure needed to issue, and manage digital securities (electronic shares, and security tokens) to reach global retail investors compliantly.

As part of the collaboration, DIGTL and MERJ intend to join the Liquid Federation to support further and grow the Liquid ecosystem that will play a central role in the digital asset economy.

Purpose-Built for Asset Issuance

The Liquid Network expands the range of options available to financial institutions and businesses, helping form the infrastructure needed for a robust digital securities platform.

“After studying multiple asset issuance platforms and looking at their build structure, capabilities, security characteristics, community engagement, and market adoption, we felt confident that Liquid was the best choice.”James Wallace, Chair at Digital Markets

Liquid is a Bitcoin sidechain-based settlement network that extends Bitcoin’s capabilities by enabling faster, cheaper, and more confidential bitcoin transactions. Liquid also has smart contract capabilities and can issue assets natively, including security tokens such as our BMN bitcoin mining instrument and the EXO token issued by gaming publisher Exordium, stablecoins like Liquid-based Tether (USDt) and the Japanese Yen (L-JPY), as well as NFTs, gaming tokens, and much more.

AMP, a Flexible API for Professional Asset Management

To issue and manage assets on Liquid, Blockstream has developed Blockstream AMP, an easy-to-use API that businesses can integrate into existing systems to expose end users to the asset capabilities of the Liquid Network.

AMP also lets issuers set certain parameters so that each security token can meet regulatory compliance requirements. For example, businesses can limit who can invest, record ownership, adjust supply based on changes to the underlying asset, manage reporting and vesting, and allocate dividends, among other features.

In addition to the security tokens use case, the versatility in the API enables companies to issue a range of asset types, including stablecoins, gold-backed tokens, and digital bonds. Assets can then be registered with a name, ticker, and icon for display in apps integrated with the Liquid Asset Directory.

A Glimpse into the Future of Finance, Today

As a powerful one-stop solution, Liquid and AMP have become the asset issuance platform of choice for many financial services companies wanting a secure and straightforward way of elevating their products and services with the benefits of blockchain technology.

“Technology is key to disrupt, demonetize, and democratize capital markets. With the Liquid Network and DIGTL’s platform, we are bringing world-class technology partners and combining them with the highest regulatory standards.”Ed Tuohy, Chief Executive Officer at MERJ Exchange

Be on the lookout for more news soon, as DIGTL expects to issue its first security token for MERJ on Liquid in Q4, with several other innovative financial products in the pipeline to follow.

Integrate Liquid and AMP into Your Business

Contact our sales team if you or your company are interested in learning more about integrating Liquid and security tokens into your business with Blockstream AMP.

If your business already has an issuance platform, you can seamlessly integrate AMP by obtaining an API access token and following the Blockstream AMP API Tutorial here.

You can also visit the AMP demo site to better understand what an issuance using our API can achieve.

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