Introducing the Blockstream Satellite Base Station
Blockstream Satellite

Introducing the Blockstream Satellite Base Station

Chris Cook

It’s now easier than ever to access the Bitcoin network from space with the Blockstream Satellite Base Station. The Base Station features an advanced, all-in-one antenna that enables users to run multiple Bitcoin nodes without internet access or any additional hardware.

Based on the SelfSat IP22 Sat>IP Antenna, the Base Station is ideal for bitcoiners who want a secondary connection to the Bitcoin network for redundancy (e.g., in case of a beaver attack), or a primary connection for increased privacy. It’s also useful for bitcoiners who live in emerging markets, remote locations, or who just want to ensure Satoshi’s dream lives on in a Mad Max future.

Discrete, Powerful, and Resilient

The Base Station’s sleek, flat-panel antenna comes with a built-in DVB-S2 receiver and low-noise block downconverter (LNB) for a more discrete, minimalist look when compared to a traditional dish antenna. The Base Station’s flat-panel antenna is 566 x 300 x 81mm in size—almost half the size of our previous flat-panel antenna—and weighs 5.5kg (12lbs).

After installing and aligning the flat-panel antenna, there are no other devices to connect or set up, the base station connects directly to your home network using Power over Ethernet (PoE). The Base Station works with our satellite network in most parts of the world.

In addition to being more compact, the flat-panel antenna is also more powerful than a conventional dish antenna, with a 20-30% higher signal efficiency thanks to its non-reflected signal collection.

Constructed with anti-rust reinforced plastic and equipped with dual-polarization capability for added resiliency, the Base Station is sure to keep you downloading and verifying blocks regardless of how off the beaten path you may be (or during a zombie apocalypse).

Why use Blockstream Satellite to Run a Node

There are many benefits to running a Bitcoin full node, such as a higher degree of privacy and further decentralization of the Bitcoin network. However, there are also a unique set of advantages to running your node using the Blockstream Satellite.

  • Accessibility. As mentioned earlier, it can lower the barrier to entry for Bitcoin users who live in areas with limited internet infrastructure or who are in emerging markets and can’t afford the more costly internet packages needed to run a full node.
  • Reliability. Blockstream Satellite allows users and businesses to hedge against network disruptions or unreliable internet service in the unfortunate event of a natural disaster, power outage, or other calamities. Having an alternative transaction channel means the Bitcoin network is more resilient and reliable.
  • Anonymity. With Blockstream Satellite, users can receive Bitcoin data and run a full node without ever needing to send a packet onto the internet. This one-way transmission provides increased privacy and security because your ISP and other users on the Bitcoin network are powerless in attempting to find you or pinpoint your location for espionage.

Current Kit Line-Up

The Base Station will replace the Blockstream Satellite Basic Kits and flat-panel antennas as our go-to receiver choice. Its minimalist design, simplified setup, and comprehensive satellite coverage will fit most Bitcoin users’ needs.

The Blockstream Satellite Pro Kit is back in stock and will still be available for:

  • Users in some areas of the Asia-Pacific region—the Base Station supports Ku-band transmissions only. For details of Ku-band and C-band coverage, see our coverage map or country-by-country summary of coverage.
  • Users that want to use their own dish antennas
  • Users that want to use larger dish antennas

For a further breakdown between the Base Station and Pro Kit options, see our Satellite Kit comparison.

For the Macgyver types, you can still build your own satellite receiver for just under $100 following our DIY guide.

In-Store, Order Now

The Blockstream Satellite Base Station is now available for preorder at our store for $499. The satellite kits often sell out fast, so be sure to order yours today.

We expect to start shipping the Base Station to customers by the end of May.

We didn’t need to assemble additional components (like with the Basic Kit and Pro Kit); therefore, the Base Station comes in the original SelfSat packaging.

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