Blockstream Green: Announcing Singlesig Wallets
Blockstream Green

Blockstream Green: Announcing Singlesig Wallets

Lawrence Nahum

Blockstream Green is relied upon to provide battle-tested Bitcoin and Liquid Network asset security. We provide this security assurance by leveraging multisignature technology in Bitcoin – one key is stored on your device and protected with a PIN, and one key is secured remotely on our infrastructure. This Multisig Shield means even if your device were hacked or stolen your funds will remain safe.

Using Bitcoin’s scripting abilities, funds stored in Blockstream Green wallets can be secured by the 2-of-2 signature requirement and also automatically revert to only needing a signature from the user to spend after a predetermined amount of time. This makes Blockstream Green’s Multisig Shield both highly secure and allows for recoverability in the event that Blockstream’s infrastructure goes offline.

To allow for this highly secure setup, an interoperability tradeoff is made. Our Multisig Shield is only available in Blockstream Green, and wallets created using it cannot be imported into other wallet apps.

A much requested feature for Blockstream Green has been the ability to create singlesig wallets, and today we’re excited to announce support for this feature.


The singlesig wallet option in Blockstream Green creates simple to use, easy to set up wallets that can be imported into any wallet app that follows BIP39 for recovery phrase derivation (mnemonic) and uses BIP44, BIP49, and BIP84 – yes, native Segwit bech32 – standards for address derivation.

Singlesig wallets created with Blockstream Green are highly portable and bring much stronger guarantees for recoverability. Your funds can be spent using your keys with any app that supports common wallet standards.

We use the Blockstream Explorer infrastructure as the wallet backend to provide a reliable source of blockchain data that doesn’t keep logs of your transactions. However, in an upcoming release, you will also be able to connect Blockstream Green to your own personal full node solution with an Electrum server for added privacy and self-sovereignty.

More Features Coming Soon

After the rollout of singlesig wallets in Blockstream Green, we plan on adding more features, including:

  • Personal Node setting, to connect to your own Electrum server
  • Singlesig Liquid wallets - today’s release brings singlesig for Bitcoin only
  • Hardware wallet support for Blockstream Jade, Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X and Trezor One and Trezor Model T
  • Native Tor support

Get Started

You can download the Blockstream Green apps for your preferred smartphone platform or operating system from the dropdown available on our Blockstream Green page.

If you’re yet to try our mobile app, head to the App Store, Google Play, or F-Droid to download it now.

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