Blockstream Acquires Adamant Capital and Establishes Blockstream Finance
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Blockstream Acquires Adamant Capital and Establishes Blockstream Finance

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Today we’re excited to announce the acquisition of Adamant Capital, a Bitcoin hedge fund manager founded by renowned Bitcoin investor and market analyst, Tuur Demeester. Adamant Capital will lay the foundation for our new division Blockstream Finance, which will deliver Bitcoin investment products on the Liquid Network.

Demeester will remain on board as an advisor and we look forward to his insights in helping us bring the next generation of Bitcoin financial products to market. Banking veteran Jesse Knutson, the current VP of Financial Products at Blockstream, will helm Blockstream Finance, overseeing our future product launches.

Adamant Capital Champions Bitcoin

Adamant Capital was one of the first fund managers to champion the fundamental value of Bitcoin and to support it as a sound investment. It gained a faithful following within the Bitcoin community for its in-depth market reports that accurately forecasted Bitcoin price trends. Its benchmark product was designed to produce a yield on Bitcoin for hodlers without charging a performance fee for the underlying Bitcoin price appreciation, allowing potential bitcoin-on-bitcoin gains.

Blockstream Finance Launchpad

Blockstream Finance will serve as a launchpad for innovative Bitcoin investment products, such as our recently launched Blockstream Mining Note (BMN).

The BMN, currently available for non-US qualifying investors on STOKR, offers exposure to Bitcoin mining with the added tradability of a security token issued on Liquid. Mining has been historically less sensitive to market timing than a traditional buy-and-hold strategy, making it an excellent vehicle for Bitcoin exposure while minimising the short-term price volatility.

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