Blockstream Reaffirms its Commitment to FOSS with Sponsorship of The Mempool Open Source Project

Blockstream Reaffirms its Commitment to FOSS with Sponsorship of The Mempool Open Source Project

Blockstream Team

We are excited to share our official sponsorship of The Mempool Open Source Project to further develop the block explorer and preserve it as a free and open-source tool for the Bitcoin community.

The sponsorship will include the development of new widgets for auditing and transparency of the network, and a redesign of the Liquid asset directory that will feature the recently proposed El Salvador Bitcoin Bond (EBB1), the Blockstream Mining Note, and other popular securities issued on Liquid.

Proof of Reserves & Liabilities

Liquid users can currently self-verify the Liquid Federation multisig wallet using an Elements node and Bitcoin Core node, but with Mempool's simple yet smart design, everyone will be able to easily audit the Liquid sidechain and its governance structure.

The sponsorship will integrate several new widgets on, including a live display of the number of functionaries online and an audit page for the Liquid Federation wallet. The latter will allow users to verify assets and liabilities of the Federation's bitcoin holdings in real-time.

Explore Liquid Assets

Liquid is fast becoming the Bitcoin layer-2 solution of choice for asset issuance, fueled by the BMN and EBB1, as well as Digital Markets and MERJ Exchange partnership’s ambitious plans for security tokens. The total value of assets on Liquid is currently ~$1.4 billion, and we expect further growth in 2022 as many of these security offerings mature.

The asset directory on will be optimized to meet this increase in demand, providing a more interactive and data-rich experience for investors.

For more details on the EBB1 proposal and the long-term plans for bitcoin-backed securities on the Liquid Network, see our recent interview on the Investor's Podcast Network:

Commitment to FOSS

At Blockstream, we believe that free and open-source software is foundational for Bitcoin's success and a strong civic society in general. Much of the Blockstream suite (i.e., Elements, Green, AQUA, Jade, Satellite, c-lightning) is made available to developers with those values in mind.

We look forward to supporting the team at and working closely in building out the necessary infrastructure for a more open, transparent, and trustless financial future.

You can learn more about The Mempool Open Source Project and its team at and the mempool repository on Github.

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