Watch: Privacy Options in Blockstream Green
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Watch: Privacy Options in Blockstream Green

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  • Blockstream partners on XDEX, the world's first security token exchange.
  • Blockstream Research shares the latest on Tapscript and details new opcodes, covenants, and Elements Miniscript.
  • Bitmatrix, an automated market maker (AMM) built on Liquid, is now live.
  • Blockstream Talk welcomes Matthew Haywood, Technical Product Manager for Blockstream's Asset Management Platform (AMP) product, to discuss the evolution of Liquid as a financial application layer on Bitcoin.
  • In the latest two installments of Deciphered, we walk you through how to send public and private messages using the Blockstream Satellite API and explore how to safeguard your privacy using Bitcoin and Liquid wallet, Blockstream Green.

Blockstream Partners on XDEX

XDEX Finance is a decentralized security token exchange and peer-to-peer marketplace built on the open-source TDEX protocol and the Liquid Network. As a foundational partner with Sevenlabs, Equitas Foundation, and Poseidon, we regard XDEX as the next stage in the reformation and disintermediation of capital markets, which Bitcoin has driven.

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Tapscript: New Opcodes, Reduced Limits, and Covenants

Andrew Poelstra, Head of Blockstream Research, publishes the third and final post in his series addressing the improvements deployed on Liquid with the recent Taproot upgrade. The previous two posts talked about Taproot itself and Partially Signed Elements Transactions (PSET). In this post, he describes the new opcodes introduced to Elements Script, what they can be used for, and what they are doing with them.

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Bitmatrix Mainnet Goes Live

Within the Liquid space, Bitmatrix made headlines with the release of its AMM. Bitmatrix utilizes the power of Bitcoin opcodes to enable liquidity provision across Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) and other Liquid assets like stablecoins. Users can create their own liquidity pools, add liquidity to other pools, or swap Liquid assets using Bitmatrix’s web interface with a few clicks.


Blockstream Talk: Bitcoin’s Financial Layer

In the latest episode of Blockstream Talk, we welcome Matthew Haywood, Technical Product Manager for Blockstream's Asset Management Platform (AMP), where he discusses the evolution of Liquid as a financial application layer for Bitcoin. He also answers questions about Blockstream's new Asset Issuer, which allows issuers to administer a variety of digital asset types, like security tokens and stablecoins. AMP also offers detailed reports on user balances and allows you to track assets throughout ownership transfers.

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Deciphered: Privacy Options in Green

Deciphered is a series focused on sharing the best practices in Bitcoin by exploring some of your favorite Bitcoin products at Blockstream. In the latest two installments, we explore the Blockstream Satellite API to learn how to broadcast messages as well as learn about the many privacy features available in Blockstream Green.

Sending Messages Over Blockstream Satellite API
Privacy Options in Blockstream Green

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