Liquid Bitcoin Now On Sale at For US Users
Liquid Network

Liquid Bitcoin Now On Sale at For US Users

Samson Mow

Thanks to a new integration with the “Wyre Widget,” Liquid users in the US can now quickly and easily pick up small amounts of Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) on using Apple Pay or their debit cards.

Great For Fees and Testing

The Wyre Widget is particularly useful for people who need a small amount of L-BTC to cover network fees for Liquid transactions (e.g. sending Tether USDt) or issuing a new asset. The Wyre Widget should also be handy for users who are interested in testing the Liquid Network before integrating it into their trading strategies or applications.

Settled to Wallet in Under Three Minutes

Buying L-BTC via couldn’t be easier. We recommend using the Wyre Widget via a smartphone for the best experience, but it can also be accessed via most major desktop browsers.

  1. Download the Blockstream Green wallet app and set up a Liquid wallet.
  2. Head to and tap the GET L-BTC button in the top menu (this will only be visible to US-based users).
  3. Enter the USD amount you would like to purchase, enter a Liquid address from your Blockstream Green wallet, and select your payment method (Apple Pay or debit card). Check your purchase details are correct before tapping Pay.
  4. You should see your L-BTC delivered to your wallet within two minutes! Fast!

Note that to use Apple Pay, a user will need to use Safari on either an iOS device or a Macbook (with a fingerprint sensor).

Liquid Integrations Building Steam

Over the last two months, momentum has been building with a flurry of integrations including BTCPay Server, Bisq, Hodl Hodl, and now Wyre. So that users can more easily keep an eye on where Liquid is available and in what capacity, we’ve put together a new resource on Blockstream Docs. Check it out now!

Some Things to Bear in Mind

Initially, the L-BTC Wyre Widget is only available to users based in the US paying from US bank accounts. Some states are also excluded due to regulatory challenges, including New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Connecticut, Hawaii, Vermont, and Virginia. We’ll be working with Wyre to expand coverage over the next few months. Also, purchases are limited to a maximum of $250 per day per user.

The Wyre Widget is a service provided entirely by Wyre and any support requests should be directed to their support team.

Get Started

US users can head to to pick up some L-BTC now. For a Liquid wallet, download Blockstream Green from the App Store, Google Play, and F-Droid. Non-US users should check out our integrations guide for alternatives to obtain L-BTC. Remember to make sure you have a means to peg-out/exchange/spend your L-BTC!

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