Secure Your Bitcoin and Liquid Assets With Blockstream Jade
Blockstream Jade

Secure Your Bitcoin and Liquid Assets With Blockstream Jade

Lawrence Nahum, Adam Back

Self-custody is essential to using Bitcoin properly. As we all know, trusted third parties are security holes. But storing your keys on an internet-connected device can expose your keys to the risks of malware. As such, it’s typically best practice to use a dedicated hardware wallet.

Today, we’re launching Blockstream Jade as our own take on what a Bitcoin hardware wallet should be. Fully open-source for both hardware and software, Blockstream Jade secures your keys offline in combination with Blockstream Green.

Advanced Liquid Asset Support

Out of the box, Blockstream Jade will support regular Bitcoin and all Liquid assets issued on the Liquid Network. This includes L-BTC, major issuances such as Tether (USDt), L-CAD, and JPYS (which Ledger already supports on the Nano S), and any tokens issued by other Liquid users.

Having our own hardware wallet will also allow us to roll out advanced features faster—we have some exciting projects in the works to make trading even more secure and trustless!

Verify Your Transactions in Widescreen

Blockstream Jade is equipped with a 240x135 pixel, 16-bit color display, providing plenty of screen real estate to display send and receive addresses and share QR codes in person.


Initially on launch, Blockstream Jade will support Blockstream Green for Android only. Blockstream Green for Desktop support is right around the corner, and iOS support should launch soon after.

Combine with Multisig

Blockstream Green provides further protection for the keys on your Blockstream Jade thanks to its “Multisig Shield.” This ensures that any transaction you make requires both a signature from your hardware wallet and verification through one of your 2FA methods (OTP, email, or SMS).

Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Cables

Blockstream Jade also has a few “dormant” features that we’ll be activating through software updates over the course of 2021. Many bitcoiners (especially us!) are looking forward to the ability to properly airgap their hardware wallets. So we’ve equipped Blockstream Jade with an on-board camera.

Once activated, the camera will enable you to complete all incoming and outgoing transactions entirely through QR codes, ensuring that you don’t even need to connect your Blockstream Jade to your device through a cable.

Open Source

As Blockstream Jade is fully open source, advanced users can flash Blockstream Jade’s firmware onto their own hardware (we’d recommend the M5Stack Fire). This ensures that users can build their own Bitcoin and Liquid wallets to minimize supply chain risks.

On Sale Now

Blockstream Jade is now available for sale at the Blockstream Store. The first run of Blockstream Jades is strictly limited, so make sure you pick one up soon while stocks last!

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