Blockstream AMP: Issue Securities, Stablecoins, Attested Assets, and More
Blockstream AMP

Blockstream AMP: Issue Securities, Stablecoins, Attested Assets, and More

Matthew Haywood, Allen Piscitello

Today, the Liquid Securities platform is getting a new name: Blockstream AMP! We introduced the rebrand to reflect the broader range of use-cases that the platform is being used for while also bringing the product naming in line with the rest of our product line.

We’re deploying a feature-filled update to Blockstream AMP (Asset Management Platform), designed to support better any digital assets that require permissioning and tracking features. There’s also now a demo site available for issuers to get a feel for what they can achieve with the Blockstream AMP API.

No Longer Just for Security Tokens

Security tokens are a little more complicated than your average digital asset. Issuers need to set rules on who can hold them (e.g., limit to accredited investors), record ownership, adjust supply based on changes to the underlying asset, and manage the distribution of dividends.

Since we announced the launch of Liquid Securities last year, we’ve been working closely with companies like Tokensoft, STOKR, Stablehouse, XBTO, Watchdog Capital, and Pixelmatic to make sure the platform meets these requirements and more.

However, over the last few months, we’ve seen a growing number of businesses exploring the platform for use in other regulated issuances on the Liquid Network—particularly stablecoins and attested assets (e.g., gold-backed tokens).

To ensure that Blockstream AMP is flexible enough to cover all of these scenarios, we’ve made some significant structural changes to the platform. For example, there’s now a distinction between Issuer-Tracked Assets, for issuers that only need to know who owns their asset, and Transfer-Restricted Assets, for issuers that need to control who can hold their asset.

We’ve also made a few presentation changes so that API commands make more sense in non-securities applications, such as renaming investors to registered_users.

A Recap of Features

Here are some of the features issuers can look forward to in Blockstream AMP.

Granular Ownership Authorization

Skip the complex smart contracts used by other issuance platforms. Blockstream AMP provides the issuer with flexibility while ensuring they can reliably secure their rules at the protocol level through multisig.

Comprehensive Reporting

Create reports on user balances and ownership transfers based on Blockstream Green Account IDs (GAIDs).

Issuance, Reissuance, and Burn

Blockstream AMP makes it easy to increase (“reissue”) and reduce (“burn”) the circulating supply of an asset. As long as an asset’s issuance is not confidential, the amount in circulation is always auditable by anyone using a Liquid node or Blockstream Explorer.

Manage Vesting and Dividends

Manage vesting assets and keep track of external dividend payments all in one place. Vested assets are automatically assigned to registered users as they vest. Issuers can distribute dividends in L-BTC, USDt, or other Liquid assets, and record these activities in Blockstream AMP.

Blockstream AMP is closely integrated with the Blockstream Asset Registry. Assets issued through the platform will be displayed with the asset’s official logo, ticker, and other essential data in Blockstream Green, Blockstream Explorer, and other services integrated with the registry.

Take Blockstream AMP for a Test Drive

Head to the demo site to take Blockstream AMP for a spin. Developers should check out our latest developer documentation to get started with the updated API. To get a better understanding of what an issuance with Blockstream AMP might look like in practice, see our new case studies.

If you would like to integrate Blockstream AMP with your issuance platform, or are interested in issuing an asset through one of our integrated partners, contact our sales team.

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